There are a few things that are different for the Independence Day firework display in Twin Falls this year. Road changes are one of the biggest things to note if you plan on heading down to CSI for the firework display.

North College between Washington Street and Frontier Avenue will still be closed at 9 p.m. so make sure you arrive early. However in previous years, Falls Avenue and Washington Street were also closed off. This will not be the case this year.

With the changes in road closures it might take a little extra time to get in and out of the campus so please be patient and make sure, again, that you arrive early.

Personal fireworks are prohibited as well. Not that you would need them since the display is going to be pretty epic. Just don't bring them because they might be taken away if you are caught with them.

Do not bring alcohol, CSI is a dry campus and if you are caught with alcohol it will be taken away and the area around the campus will be heavily patrolled. If you drink and drive you will likely get caught so better to be safe than sorry.

Also it is suggested that you stay at least 10 feet away from people who are not within your household. Social distancing is encouraged. It does not appear that face masks are going to be required.

You can read more about what the City of Twin Falls had to say about the firework display here.

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