There are always growing pains with any new law. Some may be restrictive, but others can be liberating. There are some new laws for Idaho residents to consider in 2024.

New Laws in Effect for Idaho in 2024

In HB 124, students who are ready to register to vote or vote on election day will have to have a state-issued identification card. It doesn’t have to be a driver’s license, but the ID must be a passport, tribal ID card, concealed carry permit, or ID issued by the state of Idaho.

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Everybody makes mistakes. People who have made mistakes and learned from them are going to have a chance to not be penalized for those mistakes for the rest of their lives. If a person who has committed a low-level non-violent, noon-sexual crime has not committed another crime in five years, they can petition to have Idaho Court records sealed with the Clean Slate Act.

There were some loopholes closed in the SNAP program with HB 161. It is mandatory for everyone enrolled in the program for supplemental assistance who is able-bodied to be working.

New Laws in Effect for 2024 in the U.S.

Credit Axios
Credit Axios

Minimum wage increased in 22 states beginning January 1st. Idaho remains at the federal minimum of $7.25.

California retail is a juggernaut of crazy. If there are any big retail stores left open there, they must now sell childcare products and toys in gender-neutral isles. If it is a small store with less than 500 employees, then please gender separate your goods as you so choose.

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