Carter's and OshKosh opening soon in Twin Falls.

Twin Falls, Idaho is set to get a new Carter's Oshkosh store this fall! I've talked to several groups of young parents and many of them seem to be excited about the opening. This is great news for parents in the Twin Falls area, as it will provide them with an additional option for children's clothing. The Twin Falls area has seen significant growth over the past few years, and there is little doubt that a need for more retail options exists.

Carter's and OshKosh in Twin Falls currently hiring for full-time positions.

The Carter's Oshkosh in Twin Falls, Idaho will be opening in the fall of 2022 and is hiring full-time sales associates, as well as a full-time assistant store manager. You can learn more about the job openings at Carter's and OshKosh by checking out their listings on Zip Recruiter.

Carters and OshKosh Twin Falls location and opening date.

We're still waiting to hear about an official opening date, but all signs point to the fall of this year. The Twin Falls Carter's and Oshkosh will be located at the shops by Ross off Fillmore Street in Twin.

Other places in Twin Falls where you can buy Children's clothing in Twin Falls

I did an informal poll of some friends who have kids in the age range that's served by Carter's and OshKosh, and they all tell me that Twin Falls could use more options for kids' clothing. Twin currently has several retailers that specialize in children's clothing. While there are places like Once Upon a Child, The Children's Place at Magic Valley Mall, and Old Navy recently reopening a Twin Falls location, everyone seems to agree that it will be nice to have an added baby and children's clothing store for Sothern Idaho parents.

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