We never get tired of seeing video of tourists getting too close to wild animals while in Yellowstone (as long as they are ok). This woman gets chased by a bison, trips and is completely unscathed.

You have to see this video for yourself. The bison charges this woman and a man who is with her. He gets away just fine but she trips. The funny thing is, this bison seems completely confused by her on the ground. It doesn't hurt her, it doesn't ram her, it just sniffs her a little and is like "What are you doing?"

I would not recommend playing dead with a bison. It might not work. Also, I don't suggest getting that close to a bison, ever. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video of the two bison fighting each other in the middle of the road in Yellowstone. They can do some serious damage to each other so you know they can do major harm to humans.

This woman is so lucky these bison decide to run off and leave her alone. Also, big shout out to the other man in the video who grabs the log and tried to help keep the bison away and scare it off. Stay safe out there. Seriously, make sure you leave the wild animals alone. They are still wild, even though Yellowstone is a tourist attraction it is still THE WILD.

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