Yellowstone is a beautiful place but sometimes people forget that it is the wild. There are wild animals living their lives there. This insane video shows what appears to be hundred of bison storming the street in Yellowstone as cars watch helplessly.

It looks to me like something scared the massive herd down the road. I can't even imagine beings the guy filming right now or the person in the white vehicle as the herd plows by them.

I think I the guy filming is just hanging out of the car inches from the massive beasts. There are a ton of little bison in the herd too, I imagine that had something to do with it. Watching these huge animals come towards my car like that I am not sure what I would do.

It is an amazing sight. I think it is beautiful and I am jealous of the experience these people had while also being afraid for them. I know when I went to Yellowstone it was hard for me not to try to reach out and touch an animal, the fear of having an arm torn off or worse helped curb that desire though.

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Nature is such a magnificent thing and getting the opportunity to go to Yellowstone and see something as awe inspiring as this makes me get the itch to go back sooner rather than later. I really wish I knew how many of those bison went barreling past. Too many to count for sure.

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