WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. It may not be for everyone. The video captures wildlife doing what it does, surviving and fighting. This bear and this bison fight each other and it is all caught on camera.

This is one of the few videos we have shown from Yellowstone involving wildlife where no people were involved in the making of the video, minus you know, shooting the video. Again WARNING: This video is not for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised

It looks like the bison may have actually started the fight. The bear just happened to win it. I am really kind of sad about the ending. It is the circle of life and two massive animals in a show down like this is fascinating and rare to catch on camera.

It is just more of a reminder that people visiting national parks still need to understand that they are in fact, in the wild. The animals are wild animals in their natural habitat and they will do what they need to do to survive and that includes attacking a human if they feel they need to do so.

If a bison was absolutely no match for that bear imagine what the bear could do to a human. And the fact that a bison held it's own for a while tells you all you need to know about how powerful bison are. They can do some serious damage to people as well. Stay safe

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