People in Idaho talk about waterfalls and they always mention the Shoshone Falls. And they should because when the Shoshone Falls are roaring they are an amazing sight. The problem is that sometimes the falls aren’t roaring and are pretty disappointing. During those times of waterfall sadness, you may have to travel to fulfill your need for waterfalls. When that happens, don’t miss this other, always amazing, waterfall in Southern Idaho near Yellowstone National Park.

Credit YouTube
Credit YouTube

This Must-Visit Waterfall in Southern Idaho is Not The Shoshone Falls

I’ve argued that the waterfall in Box Canyon is better than the Shoshone Falls, but my wife calls that trip the death hike and won’t go with me anymore. Maybe after she sees this video of Mesa Falls she’ll agree to a compromise and do the hike with me. Mesa Falls is gorgeous and the hike to get there is also amazing.

How Tall is Mesa Falls in Idaho

Mesa Falls is about 114 feet high while the Shoshone Falls are 212 feet tall. Instagram is loaded with fantastic pictures and videos of the Mesa Falls to help influence you to go see them in person.

Have you ever been to Mesa Falls near Ashton, Idaho? Did you think it was better than the Shoshone Falls? If you haven't been and you have a trip planned to Yellowstone National Park, add this stop to your list of must-see destinations. Or just make a day trip out of it since it is only a 3-and-a-half-hour drive from Twin Falls.

Beautiful Box Canyon Waterfall and River

Picture proof that the waterfall in Box Canyon is the most beautiful in Idaho.

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