For those that enjoy getting outdoors and seeking out unique Idaho getaway opportunities, there is a natural hot spring located 140 miles north of Twin Falls that gives its visitors a view unlike any other.

Mountain Village Resort is located just outside the town of Stanley. It offers its visitors a number of amenities, including dining, entertainment, and access to one of the most unique hot springs tubs you'll find anywhere. Stanley is only a two-hour drive north of Twin Falls.

A great YouTube video was shared recently by a couple who visited the area and recorded their adventure. The December 16, 2020, upload on the channel, Ashley & Christian, is a 10-minutes, beautifully edited trip through this region of Idaho, that includes a stop at Redfish Lake.

The two vloggers--along with their small dog--began their trip in Montana, and headed south, stopping in Idaho towns including Salmon and Challis. One of their destinations was the Bayhorse Ghost Town. The town was a hotspot for mining until water became scarce, and a fire ravaged the area in 1889.

One of the perks of staying at the nearby Mountain Village Resort, is you can reserve some time in their hot spring, which gives you an amazing look out the structure's doors over a beautiful river, located just a few feet away.

I have now added this hot spring to my Idaho bucket list, which seems to grow each week. This is truly a unique experience that is awaiting anyone who might need some rest and relaxation after the holidays.

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