There has been another Bigfoot sighting in Southern Idaho and the video footage may be the best glimpse you'll ever get of the 'Squatch'.

Where Was This Latest Bigfoot Sighting In Southern Idaho?

In the new music video from the band Death by Ligers, Bigfoot is one of the stars on the show. The don't say exactly where they were filming only that it was in southeastern Idaho. He first appears strolling near an Idaho mountain path and then lounging in the grass under a tree. The song is called 'Viddles' and after watching through it once I still don't know what it has to do with Sasquatch except that they filmed the video here in Southern Idaho. Check it out below:

OK, you probably hate me now that you've seen that it was not a real Bigfoot sighting and that the music isn't really that great either. But - it is interesting that they filmed it here and decided to go with a Bigfoot theme for the music video.

The guys in the band clearly know the deep connection Idaho has with Bigfoot sightings since they hail from here in Idaho. Even their name is a reference to an Idaho event  'the 1995 escape of 15 exotic big cats from the Ligertown ranch in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.' according to their bio page.

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