Twin Falls is the only place where you can legally BASE Jump off without a permit. People from all over the world come to Twin Falls to pull off some miraculous stunts. This man decided to perform a stunt a little differently, with a motorcycle, a ramp, and some parachutes.

Seriously, check out this video of this guy on a motorcycle, flying off a ramp and parachuting down into the canyon. The video itself makes my skin crawl a little because I hate heights. That being said, I can only imagine how beautiful and how much of a rush it is to do that.

Some people are curious about how he managed to do it. I am not 100 percent sure, but it appears he did this on private property over by Pillar Falls. His bike also had a parachute so the bike did not likely get damaged. It definitely did not stay there.

The drone footage is pretty epic. I love that people are able to have experiences like this on their own. I will never do something like this. I love that at the very end you can see the Perrine Bridge in the background. He definitely looked like he was enjoying himself.

The first time I watched it I have to admit it made my stomach drop. I was so afraid the bike was ruined and he was hurt. That 15 seconds of fear was easily alleviated. I do not believe it is legal to do something like this on public lands. That is why I believe it was done on private property. And again, the bike is not sitting in the canyon, it was retrieved.

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