Upper management won't want to hear this but no one should be shocked to find out that more than half of all people admit to being "workshoppers" during the holiday season. This means workers are shopping online at work using their office devices. The exact number is 52% although I have a feeling the actual number might even be larger than that.

Half of all employees say they work-shop between 30 and 60 minutes per week over the holidays, while 20% will do it more than an hour each week.

We all would appreciate to multi-task and shop while working but 44% of work-shoppers admit that shopping hinders their productivity at the office. That's where the boss is going to get mad, you can't let your productivity decrease while trying to work-shop.

It was interesting to find out that 77% of tech leaders say that their office is okay with employees work-shopping, and their biggest concern isn't loss of productivity, but instead the security risks that come with shopping from work computers.

So, don't let your boss see you work shopping, although he or she is probably work shopping too. :)

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