Morgan Evans admits that he was very nervous to meet fiancee Kelsea Ballerini's mother, who he says can be intimidating if you don't know her.

The Australian singer and Ballerini are set to marry toward the end of the year, but before they could set their future together, Evans had to run the usual gauntlet of meeting the family. In the run-up to the 2017 CMA Awards, he tells Taste of Country he was "absolutely" apprehensive to meet Ballerini's mom.

"She's an intimidating woman," he says, quickly adding, "When you get to know her, she's the kindest, most awesome woman of all time, but when you're first getting to know her ... like a lot of people around here, they're protective [of Ballerini]. So they want to make sure you've got good intentions. And obviously, mine were good and are good."

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That's not to say that he didn't have to face some questions.

"Not in a mean way, but in a normal way that you would if your daughter is dating a guy," he says.

Asked if he abstained from drinking that night to make a good impression, Morgan replies that his approach might have been counter-intuitive.

"Or, do you just bring a full bottle of tequila?" he asks rhetorically before adding, "That's kind of the route that I went."

Ballerini performed her latest single, "Legends," with Reba McEntire at the 2017 CMA Awards on Wednesday night (Nov. 8). She also faced off against the country legend for Female Vocalist of the Year (an award that ultimately went to Miranda Lambert).

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