The Scripps National Spelling Bee is underway! Twin Falls has a competitor as well as Orofino, Hayden and Nampa.

Benjamin Rands is a 7th grader at O'Leary Middle School in Twin Falls. According to his profile on the Scripp's Spelling Bee website he loves building Legos. We will make sure we keep a close eye on Benjamin. This is Benjamin's first time competing at the National Spelling Bee. You got this kid!

From Orofino, there is Louise Julia Grimaldo. This is the third time that she has competed. According to Scripps, in 2017 she tied for 41st place and last year tied for 42nd. Sounds to me like she has a good shot at winning this thing this year.

From Hayden, Idaho is Joseph Moran. This is also the third time that Joseph has competed. He tied with Grimaldo in 2017 and tied for 323rd place last year. Good luck!

And finally from Nampa Liz Jergensen is competing. It looks like this is the first time she has competed. She is 13 years old and goes to JACKET Homeschool.

So exciting having four Idahoans in the spelling bee. We will make sure we keep an eye on their progress and let you all know how they do.

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