Twin Falls isn't Beverly Hills. Twin Falls is great, and we are growing, but we still have the small town feel with some of the benefits of a bigger town. Even some of the houses here could probably rival those of fancier cities. If you have never driven past or through the Wildrose subdivision, do yourself a favor and check out some of those houses. You can also drive (or walk) near the canyon rim areas and see some magnificent houses. One of those architectural works of art recently popped up for sale in Twin Falls and it is huge and amazing looking, with one exception. You'll see the issue I have with this mansion in the pictures below:

Most Expensive Massive Mansion For Sale In Twin Falls, 2282 Eaton Place

What's The Problem With This Twin Falls Mansion?

You can see in some of the pictures that the neighbors are not far away. I'd expect some privacy in a home of this size, yet just a few feet away is a house that looks like it wanted to be a warehouse. And the Canyon Rim Trail runs right along the backyard fence. That would have to be annoying. The mansion is still next level and probably worth the $2.5 million price tag. That listing price also makes it the most expensive house for sale in Twin Falls right now.

Where Is The Most Expensive House For Sale in Twin Falls?

Currently the highest priced house for sale in Twin Falls on the real estate site Zillow is listed for $2,585,000 at 2282 Eaton Place. The house is 4,733 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

How do you feel about it: would you spend $2.5 million for a house with neighbors that close?

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