Having never tipped off the fashion police to my own fashion no-no's, it seems a bit hypocritical to point out a need for change. That being said, I'm gonna do it anyway! Here's a few that just make you men folk a fashion eyesore!

Clothes too loose

If is's a point of pride because you've lost weight, reward yourself and go for the new wardrobe. For all other men types, if you're trying to gain negative attention, congratulations! You achieved your goal. Every woman I've talked to tolerates it at best, and secretly wishes you would wear something that fits. Though, if you are planning on something involving running away, the person chasing you doesn't mind those baggy pants falling off at all!

Black shoes and white socks and conversely, black socks with white shoes

We get it. You're a rebel. You want to stand out. You want to make a statement. DONE! You made it. What you're saying with that statement might be up for debate.

The deep V-neck

Let me say, that with another shirt underneath, it's not so bad. Just the shirt? No. Girls do it - and guys don't seem to mind. I can't imagine why. But for the menfolk, chest hair, no chest hair. It doesn't matter. NO!

Flip flops and jeans

How did this become a thing? I guess women wear them, so we should all be equal. I say no to flip flops for girls too, if you really want to know. Are you gardening in a moist area? Maybe then. Otherwise, the beach, pool and public showers are the only acceptable places for flip flops. Flip flop and jeans? Did you wax your hobbit feet and get a pedicure? Are you 2 years old and your mom let you dress yourself?

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