Some Magic Valley restaurants decided to reserve a table for the 13 service members who lost their lives last week. At those reserved tables were 13 empty chairs and 13 beers in honor and remembrance of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Magic Valley Brewing in Buhl, Milner's Gate in Twin Falls and Wick's Burnout Saloon in Declo all reserved a table with 13 sears and 13 beers and bought those serving out country overseas that did not make it home.

Milners Gate
Milners Gate

There have been restaurants and bars doing it all over the country so seeing it happen across the Magic Valley made me teary eyed. The display of the flags and the ambiance that they had gave me chills.

Wick's Burnout Salloon
Wick's Burnout Salloon

It is absolutely devastating that 13 American troops were unable to make it home last week. I hope that we don't have to see this trend again and we find a way to get these men and women home.

If there were other businesses or bars or restaurants that paid their respects either like this or another way please let us know. We really want to give a shout out to those who are paying tribute in their own ways.

The next time I make it in to one of these local establishments I plan on buying another round, just like this, and paying my respects.

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