I own guns. Responsible gun ownership has gone on in my family for generations. Some members of our family own more than others, but there you go. I have a small safe. My sister has an entire locked gun room. I am a firm believer in the right to own firearms for protection and sport alike, this includes machine guns. Machine guns are legal as per federal law, but does Idaho have any amendments to it for our state?

What Laws Are There Against Owning a Machine Gun in Idaho?

Machine guns are legal in the state of Idaho. My attitude toward machine guns is a bit different, and it would appear that Idaho is in agreement with me. Or am I in agreement with it? Per Idaho law, persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to possess a fully automatic weapon. In fact, a minor in possession of a fully automatic weapon is a felony.

Considering the safety concerns involved, I am comfortable with this Idaho amendment to the federal law. Minors aren’t always the best at using good judgment. The argument can be made that many adults don’t either, but as long as they are following the law, I have no beef with their ownership and use of machine guns.

Would You Want to Own a Machine Gun in Idaho?

As far as owning one myself, I don’t feel the need or want. I don’t stand in another person’s way of doing so if they so choose.

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I like shooting for sport. I like the eye-hand coordination that is required. I appreciate being able to legally own a firearm to protect my family. I don’t care to own a machine gun, though shooting one at a range might be fun to do on occasion.

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