Lee Greenwood has always been one to support his country. His 1984 hit, ‘God Bless the U.S.A.’ is still one of the most show-stopping tunes after all this time. Well now he is once again taking a stand for our country with the release of his new book, ‘Does God Still Bless the U.S.A.? A Plea for a Better America.’

Greenwood authored the inspirational book — available now — about America’s challenges and what we’ll  face in the future if things keep going the way they do. The compelling 216-page softcover book includes a special 30-day devotional ‘Prayers of a Patriot,’ written by Greenwood’s wife, Kim. The book will also come with two exclusive free downloads, including a new version of ‘God Bless the U.S.A.’

“This is the first time I’ve put pen to paper, and I’m very proud of our work,” says Greenwood, who co-wrote the book with biblical scholar, Rita Tate. “This publication is a request for unity. It took us a year to write, and I hope that it awakens this country’s sleeping patriots.”

The book is already receiving praise from many high-profile names, including President George W. Bush, Charlie Daniels, Reba McEntire, Michael W. Smith, Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris and more.

“Barbara and I are very happy that you have written a book issuing ‘A Plea for a Better America,’” President George W. Bush has commented. “Who Better! You are an American icon, known and loved not only for the joy your music brought to millions, but for your love of country and your unwavering support for our men and women in uniform.”

This summer, Greenwood will also release a new seven-track EP, ‘I Want to Be in Your World,’ which will include the original track, ‘Here Comes Love, There Goes My Heart,’ as well as a cover of the popular Michael McDonald/Kenny Loggins ballad, ‘You Can Let Go Know.’

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