The new Ford GT was designed to race and beat the Ferrari. They even made a movie about it that you can see now at the Magic Valley Cinema 13, "Ford VS Ferrari". Twin Falls is one of 1,350 places around the world that has the new Ford GT.

The street version of this vehicle is around $600,000. The racing version is a cool $1.2 million. Ford only created 1,350 of these vehicles to be placed around the world and Twin Falls has one.

If you go to Middlekauff Ford in Twin Falls they have it on display inside the dealership. I mean, who wants to put that much money outside right? They had it on display over the weekend but today is the final day it will be on display until they take it back to storage. I assume the only time it will be out of storage is when someone with enough money comes in and specifically asks to see the vehicle.

It is legitimately a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this vehicle. With only 1,350 made and it is against their contract to sell the vehicle for 2 years, chances of seeing one again isn't very likely.

I found it interesting that they have to wait 2 years before they can sell the vehicle so no one tries to flip it and make some quick cash. I also found it interesting that over 7,000 people applied to get this vehicle and Twin Falls got one.

Right now there are 4 in the state of Idaho: Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, American Falls and Sandpoint.

I got to sit in it and hear it turn on. I am not even a car person and I fell in love with this thing.

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