Police officers, firefighters, law enforcement in general seem to not get enough credit sometimes for the things they do. Well, here is something really cool these Jerome police and firefighters were able to do for a Jerome citizen.

According to the Jerome Police Department, Jerome City Police and Fire responded to an apartment on fire. Fortunately, the woman living in the apartment was not home. Unfortunately, her dog Cooper was. These guys were able to get inside the apartment and save this adorable pup and his owner could not be happier.

The good news is that despite the heavy smoke and everything, Cooper is going to be ok. Thanks to these men who were able to arrive in a quick manner and get inside the apartment, this woman is able to spend more time with her fur baby.

Do you have an appreciation story that you credit to a police officer or a firefighter? If you do share it with us. Let everyone know how much we support and appreciate the men and women who help us every day.

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