Our hearts go out to Jake Owen, who lost his dear godmother, Pearl, on Tuesday (July 10). Owen may not talk about her much in interviews, but if you look closely, you can spot a tattoo of Pearl’s name on the country star’s left wrist.

Obviously, the passing of his godmother is a tough loss for Owen. “I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers for my angel in life, Pearl. She’s passed on to a greater life,” he tweeted last night. “Ride the wind, ’til we meet again.”

Dozens of the ‘Alone With You’ singer’s Twitter followers responded by offering prayers, condolences and words of encouragement.

From what we know about Pearl, she was the force behind Owen’s sometimes raucous ways in songs like ‘Yee Haw’ and ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night.’ Once, when Owen was asked about his most memorable movie-watching experience, he told a sweet story about his godmother, Nashville Gab reports.

“Pearl is like the angel of my life and she’s my godmother. She’s 66 now, but she cusses like a sailor, drinks like a fish, and smokes like a chimney,” he explained. “I’ll never forget when she took me to see ’Rocky.’ Rocky was gettin’ his [butt] kicked, and then he comes back and starts beatin’ that guy, and Pearl stood up in the middle of the theater and goes, ‘Kick his [butt] , Rocky!’ As though it was happening right there right then. Here I was, like, eight years old, and I’m lookin’ up at her. I’ll never forget that. People are screamin’ at the screen.”

It sounds like Pearl was a force to be reckoned with! Our thoughts are with Owen, his wife Lacy Buchanan, and the rest of the family as they go through this difficult time.

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