America's Funniest Home Videos just recently wrapped up Season 32. The season began airing late in 2021, and one Idaho submission of a conversation between an Idaho Falls father and son was selected in the top three and awarded a cash prize.

America's Funniest Home Videos has been on television since 1989 and has recorded more than 700 episodes. Celebrities such as Tom Bergeron, Bob Saget, and Alfonso Ribiero (current host) have all hosted the program at one time. The show awards a cash prize to the funniest video submitted each episode and is voted on by viewers.

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I was in high school when AFV began airing. I remember the show being on at my dad's house quite often. He was a big fan of the program. These days, AFV streams on a couple of different platforms, including ABC on Sunday evenings.

A southeast Idaho family won a cash prize recently after a video they sent in showed a father tricking his son into spilling the beans about a gift the boy's mother bought for him. The boy tries very hard to keep the fact that a shirt was bought for his dad a secret, but then ultimately goofs up and reveals the secret after some trickery by his dad.

The video placed third on the episode, according to the YouTube channel it was shared on. Three videos are chosen for each episode, and the grand prize-winning family takes home a check for $20,000. The show is also currently giving people a chance to win $100,000 for submissions.

To submit a recording to AFV, click here.

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