The season for travel trailers and recreational vehicles is upon us in southern Idaho, so it's time to start stashing some gas money. Most modern RVs and trailers come fully loaded with the hottest gadgets and amenities, but I guarantee there is one item that we have in ours that isn't getting used by most Idahoans.

We are chomping (or champing, whichever form you use) at the bit to get our travel trailer on the road in the coming weeks for our first outing of 2023. Following a dreadfully long and brutal winter at the higher elevations, I can't tell you how badly I need a weekend away surrounded by sunshine and the lake.

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We were considering attempting to journey out over the upcoming Memorial Day extended weekend, but I prefer having some peace and quiet when I go through the trouble of pulling the trailer. So, it looks like the third week of June is looking good for us; we have a wedding in Filer we are attending over the weekend of June 10 so that window is spoken for.

One of the handy items that come with many trailers constructed in the past ten to fifteen or so years is the retractable flatscreen television. Ours came with one too, and we popped in a Goonies DVD for our six-year-old last summer one evening while camping at an area reservoir to keep him entertained. I instantly felt ashamed in a way when I walked back outside to join my wife at the campfire, but they are handy on occasion. I know some families use them for video game purposes as well.

Greg Jannetta

Of all the bells and whistles in your trailer or RV, what's the one item you seldom use? I'm guessing it's the television. I don't envision too many Idahoans watching romcoms while camping off-grid.

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