Spring break for most southern Idaho students is less than two weeks away. History buffs and fans of all things paranormal in the Gem State might enjoy booking a night less than three hours east of Twin Falls over the academic recess.

Southern Idaho has been the backdrop for countless ghost investigations, both by famous television teams and novice researchers. From the Idaho State Penitentiary and the Albion Normal School to Lava Hot Springs and the Idaho Reform School, the southern portion of the Gem State has a rich paranormal history that continually piques the interest of researchers of the afterlife.

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My wife used to work at a nationally-renowned hotel for paranormal activity. A few years back, the historic hotel was on the verge of closing and she was asked to spend a few nights filling in as night auditor. These staffers routinely work overnight and do everything from clerical work and bookkeeping to cleaning and supervising the property.

Naturally, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stay with her as one of only two bodies in the alleged haunted hotel for three straight evenings. From making late-night sandwiches in bathrobes in the kitchen to sipping wine on the balcony until 2 A.M., we had a great time.

Located just 170 miles east of Twin Falls is the Enders Hotel and Museum in Soda Springs. The property has seen its share of paranormal investigations, and the hotel still takes reservations and hosts events. Enders Hotel is also featured as one of the most spooky stays by a website that showcases haunted southern Idaho properties.

Everything from strange splashing sounds coming from bathtubs, empty chairs rocking, manifestations, a restless murder victim, and an alleged former owner who wanders the basement, this south Idaho hotel appears to have some very unsettling energy trapped within its walls.

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