I guess somehow this actually makes sense: if humans love the beauty and excitement of a visit to Yellowstone National Park, then why wouldn’t our cryptid friends also like it? That’s the claim made in a recent video on social media.

The Bigfoot Society is a group you should be following if you like pictures, videos, and stories about Bigfoot sightings. They shared a Tiktok video that was posted on August 3rd with footage from a trip to Yellowstone. In the video, you can see movement in the background and there is text over the video explaining the footage. Check it out:

WATCH: This Yellowstone Visitor Claims They Saw 2 Bigfoot During Their Visit

@themovieguy.11 My friend is in yellowstone national park who pulled over to video tape what he thought were bears after re watching the video he realized they were on two feet. He took the video to park rangers and they said you got bigfoot on camera i agree what do yall think #omg #sasquach #bigfoot #cryptid #legend #itsreal #yellowstone #nationalpark #wow #amazing #like #follow #share #comment #viral #virlavideo #tiktok #trending #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #fypシ #fypage #fy #fyp ♬ original sound - Movie guy 2

The video has almost 1 million views, and I have to admit that I wanted it to be a clear video of 2 bigfoot creatures. But in true bigfoot video fashion, you get a blurry video from a great distance away. What do you think about the footage? Is it a video of 2 bigfoot or is it two regular Yellowstone animals…or, more likely, is it just 2 tourons who are out walking where they shouldn’t be?

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