We like to talk about January of 2017 and the snow we got in Southern Idaho as if it were some type of Hollywood movie or folklore. We refer to it as Snowmageddon or the Snowpocalypse and compare every other year to it. Which is fair, because it was a terrible month of snowfall, rain, and flooding.

2017 Snowpocalypse vs 2024 Ice Age: Which Year Did Idaho Get More Snow?

We are still in the middle of the month and have already had a rather large amount of snowfall in Southern Idaho. Since 2017 has become the point at which we refer to decide if we are having a bad winter, we decided to compare 2024 to 2017. The result is going to blow your mind.

According to the National Weather Service, January of 2024 has already been snowier than the fabled Snowmageddon in January of 2017. But there’s a reason 2017 is remembered as being so much worse.

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The NWS shows January 2017 as being the 8th snowiest month in Idaho’s history with 21.5 inches of snow. By January 18th, 2024 we had already beaten 2017 with 22.1 inches of snow. So, why does 2017 seem like such a disaster month in our history and this month just seems like a bad winter?

The Weather Service explained in a social media post that other factors made 2017 such a disaster. From 2016 into 2017, there were 52 continuous days of snow cover and a total of 27.7 inches of snow fell between December 14th and January 10th. On January 5th, 2017 the snow was 15 inches deep and during that timeframe, it was much colder in Southern Idaho. The average temperature in 2016 to 2017 was 18.8 degrees compared to 22.8 degrees this year.

January 2024 Could Be a Record-Breaking Month in Idaho

So, 2017 was snowier and colder overall, but 2024 has the potential to break a record that has stood for nearly a century. In 1929, 27 inches of snow fell in a one-month period. If we get another 5 inches of snow we will beat that record. Not saying we want more snow, but setting a record would be cool.

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