The Labelle Lake Ice Palace could easily be the most beautiful location to visit during the chilly winter days in Southern Idaho. The beautifully crafted ice sculptures and lighting effects make it a truly magical winter wonderland.

2022 Opening Date Announced For Labelle Lake Ice Palace

Since the construction and success of the ice palace is dependent on Jack Frost making the temperatures drop, the opening date for the attraction is usually up in the air until just before opening day. Luckily, Mr. Frost has been generous this year and the Labelle Lake Ice Palace is almost ready to open for the 2022 winter season. Check out pictures of the palace in the gallery at the end of this story.

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When Does The Labelle Lake Ice Palace Open In 2022?

The Ice Palace made the announcement on its Facebook page and website that the opening day for visitors will be Saturday, December 17th. Times and ticket information can be found online and tickets can also be purchased in advance. General admission tickets for adults are $18 while tickets that include sleigh rides, drinks, and sledding range between $23 and $26 for adults. Tickets can also be purchased as holiday gifts.

Look At How Beautiful The Labelle Lake Ice Palace Is

If you have never made the trip to Rigby to see the ice palace, you can get an idea of what to expect in the photo gallery below.

The LaBelle Lake Ice Palace

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