California is home to many businesses that have embraced the helpful advances of technology. Between Google, Apple, Meta, Adobe, Oracle, and many more it is safe to say that California is at the forefront of the tech revolution in the United States.

But that forward movement to utilize AI in new ways is having a massive impact on the human workforce. In some cases, it improves how workers do their jobs and in other cases, it is making the worker obsolete.

California Jobs Most Likely to be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence

A recent study looked at the jobs in California that are most likely to be taken over by artificial Intelligence. Bet Kentucky ran the numbers and used their understanding of the odds of things happening and found that there are 4 popular jobs in California with a 100 percent chance of an AI takeover.

10 Common Jobs Most Likely To Be Stolen By AI in California

Do you work in one of the at-risk jobs or is yours considered safe based on the odds? It's crazy that there are 4 jobs that have a 100 percent chance of being lost to Artificial Intelligence.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

It’s interesting to note that in some cases the jobs aren’t being taken over by AI but are actually being eliminated by tech advancements. It isn’t all bad news though. Some jobs are safe from a robot takeover. These are the 10 safest in California.

10 Common California Jobs Safest From Artificial Intelligence

No job is 100 percent safe from being replaced or modified by robots or Artificial Intelligence, but these are the 10 safest in California.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

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How safe is your job from Artificial Intelligence, or is yours one of the many that will be helped by AI?

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To get their results, Bet Kentucky used information based on wages and a really interesting website called ‘Will Robots Take My Job’. You can head there to see how safe your job is.

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