Voting may be over but that isn't stopping people in Idaho from voicing their opinions on things that need to be outlawed.

Should Idaho Remain The Land Of The Free?

It's no secret that people in Idaho love living here because of our light restrictions and freedoms that you can't find anywhere else (open carry, anyone?). It's one of the best things about Idaho: "It's like the old days."

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Now, we're not saying that we live in a lawless land or anything - without rules, we'd be living in anarchy and there are plenty of rules that must be followed in the Treasure Valley.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few people who think there should be more laws in place.

Who Are These People That Want More Laws?

The answer is simple: the people of Idaho! We took to social media to ask people what legal things they would want to see outlawed and their answers ranged from things that keep our pets safe... to that special green stuff they sell up north.

Now, let us be clear - we're not picking a side nor are we advocating that any of the following laws get passed.

But, people feel pretty strongly about these things that are currently legal and want them outlawed immediately. Let's take a look...

10 Totally Legal Things Idaho Residents Want To Outlaw

We asked the people of Idaho about the absolutely legal things they want to make illegal. Here is what they said...

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Speaking of all things legal, how many pets are you legally allowed to own in various Idaho cities? We looked at the data and the results may shock you...

How Many Pets Can You Legally Own In Each Idaho City?

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Since we're on the subject of law - should taking extra grocery bags at self-checkout be illegal? What do you think?

Should It Be Illegal In Idaho To Take Extra Grocery Bags At Self-Checkout?

Here is what the people of Boise think about taking extra bags at self-checkout. Do you think this should be illegal?

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