2020 has been a crazy year. There are so many things that have happened due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and so many things that have been a big waste of money that we didn't anticipate.

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  • 1

    A 2020 Planner

    Yes we had high hopes for 2020 but the planner has been the biggest waste of money. No matter what your planner says chances are you aren't going anywhere.

  • 2

    Concert Tickets

    Pretty much every concert and tour of the year has been canceled. Sure they are getting rescheduled or you are getting a refund but still, that money has been wasted until you can get it back.

  • 3

    Vacation Spending

    Airline tickets, reservations to hotels, amusement park passes, yes a huge waste of money. I actually know a few people who are unable to get their money back for some reason or another. I would be so upset.

  • 4

    Toilet Paper

    People who spent a ridiculous amount on toilet paper for some reason, huge waste of money. There is no need for 7,000 rolls of tp but hey, it's your money I guess. And it doesn't go bad.

  • 5

    Disney Plus subscription

    In quarantine we wanted to get all the different shows. If you don't have kids, heck, if you do have kids, chances are you wasted money on your subscription to Disney Plus. You watched the Mandalorian and haven't turned it on since.

  • 6


    Yea who cares about jeans anymore, or clothes that fit. Psh, give me the leggings and let it be.

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