As you drive around town you'll notice that certain cars have bumper stickers. Some cars are covered in stickers and others might just have one or a few. Most stickers are fun or prove an achievement the driver may have and others have stickers that make a statement. What I have noticed is that the majority of the stickers are easy to understand, but yesterday I saw one that I didn't understand and had to do some research. The sticker had #IDAHUG written on it and it was on a car with Utah plates. I wasn't sure if that was a sign of support for Idaho from our Utah friends. It wasn't. It is actually the opposite.

The #IDAHUG movement was started in Boise by a realty group as a way to make new residents feel welcome in Idaho. It's no secret we put a lot of blame on transplants, especially Californians, when things get weird or neighborhoods crowded in our state. Not everyone is on board with the #IDAHUG idea, one of our stations in Boise thinks it's ridiculous to try this type of forced common-sense good behavior.

The idea behind the stickers is that they are actually a magnet that you pass along to other new residents.

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Honestly, I'm cool with the idea of reminding people to be kind. My only problem is that the internet has ruined me and all I see on the stickers is a creepy Joe Biden giving Idaho a hug.

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