The tragic death of a newborn baby girl being left at the side of the road in Twin Falls didn't have to happen. Idaho's Safe Haven law is designed to give every newborn child a chance. Here are details of exactly what the Safe Haven law is and what it can provide both the parent and the newborn.

Here are the specifics directly from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare website:

A safe haven is authorized by law to accept a baby less than 30 days of age, directly from a parent, without identifying the parent. The parent is not required to provide any information to the safe haven, but may volunteer medical or other information. The parent remains anonymous and will not be prosecuted for child neglect or abandonment.

The law specifically identifies the following safe havens:

  • Emergency medical personnel, when responding to a 911 call requesting a safe haven;
  • Licensed physicians and staff working at the physician’s office or clinic;
  • Advanced practice professional nurses, including certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and registered nurse anesthetists;
  • Licensed physician assistants;
  • Hospitals licensed in Idaho.

The safe haven will:

  • Accept the baby from the parent;
  • Make certain the baby receives necessary medical attention;
  • Immediately contact law enforcement. Law enforcement will establish emergency protective custody of the baby and contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, which will provide an emergency home and prepare and file a Certificate of Live Birth Foundling with the Vital Statistics Unit;
  • Not ask the parent’s name, but may ask the parent if they wish to provide medical or other information about the baby.

Need help? Here you go.

More Information

  • Idaho CareLine, 2-1-1 or 1-800-926-2588;
  • Health and Welfare child protection, 208-334-5700;

Please share this information so that hopefully Twin Falls - or any other town - never has to witness such a tragic situation.

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