The notion that we’ll someday have a couple of hundred million electric vehicles on American roads is daft.  I’ve already written about geographic roadblocks in Idaho.  There are also issues with too few rare earth minerals (and the environmental degradation mining them would bring about) and too little electrical generation (unless we quickly adopt widespread use of nuclear generation).

Charging Stations Out of Order

Now we learn that many power charging stations aren’t up to the task.  Business Insider went to California.  The land of fruits and nuts is the epicenter of the EV universe.  Virtue signaling is the state’s pastime.  Only a liberal could be told more than one in five charging stations is out of order and somehow pronounce it a good thing.

I heard a story this last winter about a guy in the Boise area who was quickly watching the cold sap the storage from his battery.  He frantically looked for an open charging station and eventually stalled on an off-ramp.  Now imagine pulling up to a charger and then discovering it wasn’t functioning.  Then you need to go off in search of another.  I nearly ran out of gas on Route 15 a few years ago and then found a gas pump while on fumes.

We Can't Build Them Quickly Enough

We’re likely twenty years away from parity between charging stations and gas pumps.  Sure, the left will insist that if we simply print more fiat currency then we can speed the transition.  You know, the money is either going to run out or be worthless before we could finish the project.  Better to let the market make the call.  This is to say we’ll have prodigious amounts of hydrogen before the national fleet ever becomes electric.

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