No place on Earth is perfect. While Idaho may be the closest to it, we aren’t there yet. People who live here will defend Idaho to the bitter end. Even so, those die-hard Idaho fans have to admit Idaho isn’t without flaws.

What is something people from Idaho won’t admit out in public, but secretly hate about our great Gem State? Not just something annoying, but among all the wonderful things is one blemish on the Idaho lover’s picture-perfect attitude.

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After discreet inquiries into what Idaho lovers hate about the state, there are a few items that popped up. Maybe you aren’t as alone as you think. How many of these do you agree with?


  • It’s too cold for too long. Idaho is a bit closer to the north pole vs. the equator. Maybe that’s why it feels a bit like the cold takes too long.
  • Summer is too hot. Seems like the opposite of what other people say. Ahh, the dichotomy of the demographic.
  • It’s too dry. Southern Idaho gets an average of 13 inches per year, the north gets over 30. Definitely a north-south issue.
  • It’s dusty all the time. Must undergo frequent car washes due to dust. Dust due to dry. Dry because no rainfall. See the previous statement.
  • Wind. According to, Idaho ranks 5th highest in the United States for average wind speed at 20.59 mph.


  • The food may be fresh and healthy, but it’s bland. The spice palette is definitely smaller in Idaho.
  • I don’t like trout. With so many hatcheries around and rivers stocked with the stuff, not liking trout means you go hungry.
  • Why do these people like finger steaks? I don’t know. One person mentioned there isn’t enough dipping sauce in the state to make the steak taste good.


  • There are too many closed-minded people. Not even willing to accept that there are more ways to think about something.
  • Too many progressives moving in. It would seem like there is a distaste for a dissenting opinion.
  • Adoption of outsiders. People in Idaho should only adopt children from Idaho. That’s what they mean, right?


  • Animal control is almost non-existent. Considering how pet-forward many Idahoans consider themselves, one would think animal control would be better funded and respected.
  • Southern Idaho is flat and ugly. Until you reach a canyon, valley, or mountain, the Great Basin is well, flat and ugly.
  • Dairies - It sure would be nice if all your cheese, creamer, ice cream, and yogurt could come at a less smelly cost. But here we are.

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