In early May video surfaced of a Boise woman wearing boxing gloves and punching a dog in the head. The release of the video caused an uproar with people demanding justice for the abused dog and that the woman should be treated as she treated the dog. The video sparked an investigation of animal cruelty after the Idaho Humane Society became involved and a local prosecutor's office was asked for a charging decision.

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More than two months later, the City of Boise has decide that no charges will be filed against the woman. Despite video evidence of the act caught on video, the reason for a lack of charges was cited as insufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof. KTVB reports that the Idaho Humane Society had the dog brought in to be tested and they found no injury to the animal. With no visible injury to the animal, yet video proof that abuse happened, the Idaho Humane Society stated in a press release:

Idaho is one of the worst states in the U.S with regards to animal protection laws...We urge the public to write their local city council members and Idaho State Legislators to enact laws which better protect companion animals.

It seems hard to accept that with video proof there is still not enough evidence for charges. If you have a problem with that lack of justice in the law, you can follow the counsel of the IHS and write your local legislators.

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