An Idaho woman is being investigated for animal cruelty after video was posted online of her violently punching a German Shepherd dog repeatedly in the head. The woman is seen in the video wearing boxing gloves in a house as she punches the dog a few times. She is heard saying at the end of the video an expression of surprise at how hard she hit the dog.

The video is actually two separate clips combined into one, so it could have been an isolated incident or multiple occasions. Authorities are investigating the actions shown in the video and have received an overwhelming number of calls in regards to the abuse. They are asking citizens to stop sending messages and complaint calls in regards to the video so they can focus on the investigation.

The Idaho Humane Society says the female in the video has been identified and authorities have gone to the house to talk about the actions shown in the video. The girl does seem surprised at how hard she hit the dog but her remorse doesn't negate the fact that she was punching the dog. According to a BroBible article, the investigation is pending review at a local prosecutor's office after which a legal charge decision will be made.

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