An Idaho man who is wheelchair bound, moved to Washington away from his family, and is working on gathering support to legalize marijuana in Idaho.

Blue Hadden has created the Facebook group People for Cannabis In Idaho to allow people to get together and talk about ways to legalize cannabis for medical use, if not recreational.

Blue Hadden is paralyzed from the chest down. At the age of 21 he crashed his vehicle crushing his spine, became paralyzed, lost vision in his eye and now has leg spasms. According to Hadden, the leg spasms were so bad they would throw him from his wheelchair and hurt him. Opioids and pain medication from the doctors were not helping him, they made him sick and depressed so he turned to cannabis.

Hadden said this was his only relief, "I was eating it, drinking it, any way I could ingest it and it was working for all the things I have been struggling with. I finally found a remedy that worked for me that didn't make me sicker."

But marijuana is illegal in Idaho, so he had to move to Washington to continue treatment. He is living with his aunt, but away from the rest of his family and his home.


"It was really hard for me to try to move away from all my family and my home when I have lived there my whole life but it was something I had to do so I could be happier and healthier as I am now," Hadden said.

So, he has created a Facebook group to try and help get medicinal marijuana legalized. The group description explains that there is absolutely no advertising for products or services, not a place to be rude or hostile, no hate speech or bullying, no promotions or spam and respect of privacy.

What do you think?

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