For all the Idaho foodies that enjoy the challenge of eating copious amounts of food in limited time, this road trip is for you!

Let's start in Twin Falls for breakfast. Head to Depot Grill for their "Train Wreck Breakfast Challenge"

The meal comes with 6 pancakes, 4 eggs and a pound of sausage in 30 minutes. If you beat it you get the meal for free, a t-shirt and a picture on the wall.

Next: Let's head to Boise for lunch. Rockie's Diner has the Johnny B Goode Burger Challenge.

The meal comes with a 4.5 lb burger, 3 burger patties, a hot dog, chili cheese fries, and a shake.

Now let's come back to Twin Falls for second lunch (because this is a food challenge not for the wimps) at Guppies Hot Rod Grill. Since you already had about 4 burgers, it's time to do Deuces Wild! A 22 inch hot dog and 11 ounces of french fries!

If you are craving an in between snack that isn't about portions but rather about  heat, head to Nampa's Wing Nutz Purgatory Challenge

10 ridiculously hot wings as fast as you can. Good luck

Finally for dinner end with some pizza from Westside Pizza in Star, Idaho. Finish an 18" extra large "Death By Pizza" in less than an hour. The toppings include pepperoni, beef, bacon, sausage, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, olives, pineapple, onions and green peppers.

We would conclude with dessert, but I am full just thinking about all this food. So, obviously you can't drive all around and eat all of this in one day, but road tripping across the state could be fun, if you have the stomach for it.

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