A letter writer from Eden says his toddler grandson was denied a local hospital bed because of unvaccinated people.  The letter was published in the Times-News.  There was no space for the child in an oxygenated room because of a surge in COVID patients who haven’t received their shots.  Or that was the explanation from the hospital.

Here’s a question, how many people are getting intensive care after they received a vaccine?  We’re not asking for names.  Just a figure.

Here’s a question, how many people are getting intensive care after they received a vaccine?  We’re not asking for names.  Just a figure.  They could be filling some of the beds.

The chart at the top of this page is an example of hubris (courtesy Infogram.com).  It shows deaths per one hundred thousand from the virus.  All 50 states are listed.  Idaho is only 39th and has a similar number to Colorado, which is a much more liberal state.  Left-leaning New York State has similar numbers compared to conservative Mississippi.

Some states have had strict COVID regulations until only recently.  Some told people to look out for themselves.  The virus still spread no matter the government response.  It doesn’t respect state lines, it doesn’t answer to political affiliations and it has no respect for orders.  It does what viruses do, it spreads.

One writer at the Washington Examiner reminds us the best defense against the illness is keeping yourself in good shape.  She also reminds us there are several other killers in daily life and these have a much larger footprint than the Delta Variant.  Since the beginning of this crisis, I’ve heard people say we need better risk assessment.  If we were afraid of death or dismemberment we would ban driving.  We don’t because life must go on.  Car accidents are tragic but we’re willing to take the risk because we need to get to work and shopping.  We also need a speed limit above 25 miles per hour on some roads for efficiency.

Velcro straps could keep us all at home and off the roads and isolated from viruses.  And then we would all starve.

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