Do you have trouble getting your spouse, co-workers, or your kids to do what you want them to do? If so, today is your lucky day! Jose Benki of the University of Michigan has figured out the secrets to talking people into doing whatever you want.

In the study conducted by iO9 they figured out what speaking techniques people could use to make the respondents say "yes."  And here's what he found . . .

#1.)  Speak moderately fast. Talking at about 3.5 words per second was the key.  Anyone who talked faster or slower had more trouble getting "yes" answers.

#2.)  Control your pitch. It doesn't matter if you're animated and lively, or straightforward and monotone.  But don't go back and forth between excited and boring.

People who do that sound like they're faking it and trying too hard, which backfires.

#3.)  Use a deep voice. For men, a deep voice was an asset.  Interviewers with deeper voices had more success than men with higher-pitched voices.  Benki didn't notice the same effect with females.

#4.)  Pause naturally. When you're speaking normally, you pause about four or five times a minute.  That sounds natural.  Interviewers who had fewer pauses had the worst results because they sounded way too scripted.

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