I don't know what it is about my house in Buhl, but it seems to be a magnet for wasps. Last weekend we had the door open and a giant B2 Bomber of a wasp buzzed in and decided to to terrorize us, and I've already found several large nests tucked up in the eaves and corners. I even found one on the inside of the screen door yesterday morning as I was leaving for work! I'm usually against killing things, but these aggressive insects stung my son Jack last year for no reason. They have to go. Here's how to get rid of a wasp nest (hopefully) without getting stung.

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    Recruit A Helper

    This isn't a one man job. Find a friend who will be willing to help, but who is able to stay calm and work quickly. If they start to freak out, the wasps will too. It's also good to know if your recruit is allergic to bee and wasp stings.

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    Wear Protective Clothing

    There's a reason bee keepers wear the suits with protective mesh on the face, so as not to get stung. If you don't have access to a bee keeper suit, then you'll have to make do. Wear jeans with the legs tucked into your shoes, and a heavy long sleeve shirt and work gloves. It's best to use tape or rubber bands to close the openings on your sleeves and gloves to keep the little buggers out. And most importantly: protect your face. Cover your mouth, wear a hat, and true to leave as little flesh exposed as possible. Trust me, if the wasps are agitated, they will find that one patch of exposed skin that you forgot to cover.

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    Gather Your Tools

    You're going to need a couple of tools to make this happen as quickly as possible: a long handled pruning sheer to cut the nest from the house, and a box to catch the nest in. It's important that this box has a lid that can close tightly and is made of a good, thick material as wasps can chew through cardboard. If there are handle holes in the box, make sure they are securely taped shut.

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    Remove The Nest

    Wait until the cool of the evening as the wasps will be drowsy from the cold. Have your recruit stand under the nest with an open box. Using a pair of long handled pruning sheers, cut the nest away from the house as quickly as possible. Close the lid on the box to keep the wasps contained.

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    Destroy the Wasps

    You can either submerge the box in water or place it in the freezer for several hours to kill the wasps. Ensure the wasps are dead before taking the box out of the water or freezer.

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