Idaho has a unique way of saying some words, there is no doubt about that. And I am trying really hard to not make it so obvious that I didn't grow up here. How do you pronounce these Twin Falls street names?

  • Cheney Drive
    • Chay-knee
    • Chee-knee
  • Ahsahka Street: (Rock Creek Elementary School is located here)
    • Uh-sock-ah
    • Ah-sack-ah
  • Ballingrude Drive
    • Bawl-in-grood
    • Baal-in-grood
  • Cayuse Street
    • Kay-use
    • Ky-us
    • Kay-us
  • Lochsa
    • Lock-saw
    • Lotch-su

I know there are more strange names for roads around here. What ones did I miss?

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