There is that screams 'kayak' more than the Magic Valley. That's why I'm shocked I've found something that Idaho should have done first. It's a video of 2 guys rocketing down a drainage ditch in a kayak.

Think about it. We have drainage ditches. We have kayaks. Plus, this is Idaho. We jump off of perfectly good bridges here for fun just to see what gravity will do to us.

DISCLAIMER: Right now, there have to be at least a dozen lawyers in a room probably jumping up and down screaming about how unsafe this is and how no one on Earth should try it. They're right, by the way.

According to GoPro, these guys are Rush Sturges and Ben Marr. Oh, and I failed to mention this is tandem kayak. That's twice as good.

I have to wonder why I've never witnessed a kayak at The Drops near Shoshone? Hmm.

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