Yes, it is a thing! Trains all over the country will do a display of Christmas lights and ride for people to enjoy. There are a few of them that you can check out for yourself within a day trip or a fun winter weekend get away.

The closest one to us is actually in Ely, Nevada. The Nevada Northern Railway Museum hosts the event that is appropriate for the entire family. The Christmas Trains are available to ride between Thanksgiving and Christmas on the weekends only. The best part though is you get to take a trip to the "North Pole".

The train will take you north and on the train families get to meet and chat with some of Santa's elves, get hot chocolate, cookies and of course listen to Christmas music. The entire family gets to meet Santa himself!

The price to ride Santa's Reindeer Flyer isn't too badly priced considering all the magic you get to witness. Adults are $41 and children 4-12 are $20. Children under the age of 4 are free. The entire trip itself lasts about an hour and a half. That is a super fast trip to the North Pole and back.

If you are looking for a fun winter getaway trip for the entire family there is another "Train to Christmas Town" in Hood River, Oregon. It is a bit of a drive but it looks like a ton of fun. It is available now until December 29th. This ride also lasts about an hour and a half. Ticket pricing ranges from $33.30 to $69.30 for riders.

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