In June, Hillary Scott & the Scott Family released the music video for their single "Thy Will." Since the Lady Antebellum singer waited several weeks between releasing the faith-filled song and disclosing that it was written shortly after a recent pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, it was important to Scott that the video not be limited to only her story.

"I didn’t want it to be literal; I wanted everybody who watched it to understand what was going on," Scott recently told The Boot and other reporters. "That’s been such an important part of this process for me with this song, wanting others to put their own lives into it."

The "Thy Will" clip was directed by Shane Drake, who Scott says "had so much heart and so much creativity that he poured into this treatment." More abstract than literal, it was exactly how Scott wanted the story portrayed.

"I love all of the symbolism of tying knots, untying the horse," she shares. "The horse to me is like freedom: It’s an unsaddled, unbridled, free horse to follow. I envisioned myself following this, and to me, it’s almost like the Holy Spirit, the spirit of God, following this horse, but to freedom, not being bound by the knots that you tie over and over for yourself, holding onto things or past hurts or scars."

Scott's hope from the beginning was that "Thy Will," which she wrote with Emily Weisband and Bernie Herms, would have universal appeal and offer comfort and hope for others, regardless of their situation.

"I really just laid my heart out to my co-writers, and I’m so glad I did," Scott says. "I’m so glad that I felt safe there with them to share what was going on. Truly, I believe, it became a pass-through for a message that was a lot bigger than just my own specific thing that I was going through. The response that it’s gotten, and the people that have reached out and shared and expressed what it means to them … It was more than just about my story."

"Thy Will" is available for download on iTunes.

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