Hillary Scott knows that her family's forthcoming faith-based album, Love Remains, is important, but she admits that she has some reservations about how the record will be received.

"My biggest fear was that me putting out a project like this was going to be me saying, ‘I’ve got it together,’ and I feel like that’s so not the case," Scott recently told The Boot and other reporters. "We’ve put these songs together because we’re broken, because we know we need help … never wanting to send the message that I’m putting these songs together because I’ve got it together. It’s the opposite; it’s the, ‘I need help. I need to search for answers and want to encourage others to do the same.'

"So that was my biggest fear, I think, of being misinterpreted," she adds.

The Scotts' -- Scott; her mother, Linda Davis; her father, Lang Scott; and her younger sister, Rylee -- project was originally intended to be full of hymns, but they decided that other spiritual songs, including some newly written ones, fit the bill, too.

"I didn’t think I was going to write, and then life happened, and you realize, ‘Oh, I do have something to say,’" Scott says; however, she admits, "I was very insecure to write contemporary Christian music. I felt very unprepared and that it would be, honestly, in a lot of ways, too hard for me to do. I felt like I would just blubber my way through a writing session, let along performing the songs, but ironically I co-wrote a song that’s faith-based that’s my most personal song ever."

That track, "Thy Will," was written following a recent miscarriage, and Scott says that she was in "my most raw place that I could’ve ever been when this song truly poured out of me." But the other songs on Love Remains cover a wide range of emotions and encompass the Scotts' rich family harmonies.

"It’s different seasons in my life that I hear through this music," Scott shares. "There’s a duet with my mom on it that features some other artists as well, and it very much takes me back to -- it reminds me of O Brother, Where Art Thou? ... Every song has a story. I think that’s the thing that is really beautiful about it."

Scott and her family put together Love Remains while she was on a break from Lady Antebellum. She says that all three of them -- herself, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood -- appreciated the time they had to pursue other endeavors and are "closer than we've ever been."

"We’re healthy in our friendships ... but we all sensed this stirring in ourselves to kind of separate for a short amount of time, explore our own, individual creativity, whatever that may be, how we wanted to manage that time, and then re-emerge back together, stronger than we’ve ever been," Scott explains. "I can honestly say that that’s exactly what’s happened, and this was my stretching of myself. This was how I have chosen to really look inward and dig down deep and grow -- really just wanting to live well and to love well and to do something and record music that will bring comfort to my daughter, to my family, to our fans. It carries over into every area of my life, of how I want to live."

Lady A are already back together, touring this summer and planning to hit the studio in the fall, but Scott isn't going to give up making music with her family.

"We have high hopes for this record. We’re doing everything we can in our power to make it have as big of an impact and reach as many people as possible, and we’re so excited about that," she says. "But my dad looked at me one day and said, ‘You know what? For the past almost-year, I’ve had my girls. I’ve been singing with you all, I’ve been hearing you.' That has just been such a gift to all of us.’'

Love Remains is set for release on July 29. "Thy Will" is available for download on iTunes now.

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