Every year we hear about a push to buy from local stores during the holiday season. Your neighbors and family with local businesses are probably feeling the effects of the pandemic more and more each day as restrictions and mandates are implemented. Even knowing their struggle you may not feel the urge to shop local, you might prefer the ease of the national chains or you think the items might be a little cheaper online. How about some added incentive this year to support your local business owners and shop local for your Christmas gifts?

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That's the idea behind the offer from Business.org. They want to encourage all of us to shop local and they'll be giving someone $1,000 to spend on items at locally owned shops. That's not chump change, that a grand to spend at a local grocery store or a boutique. $1,000 could buy some cool stuff at any of the local businesses planted on Main Street in Downtown Twin Falls. If you haven't checked out the recent changes downtown and done some window shopping (or actual shopping) you should go see how great Downtown Twin Falls looks. You may even find the perfect holiday gift you were looking for or something you didn't know you were looking for.

If you want to be considered for the Business $1,000 'Dream Job' to shop at local businesses for your Christmas gifts, fill out the form at Business.org. They expect the chosen person to shop at at least three local business this holiday season. If you are chosen they'll also expect you to report back and let them know what you thought about the businesses customer service, prices, and overall experience of shopping local.

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