During the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has been pretty much frowned upon. Our Halloween and Thanksgiving activities were different than previous years and the pandemic will also continue to affect our parties and travel for Christmas and New Year's. Even if you did want to get away from your regular life, it is becoming more difficult. So it may seem odd that Hawaii is starting up a program where they are not only inviting people to their islands, but they are willing to pay for the airfare to get them there. The program is called 'Movers and Shakas' and is open to previous Hawaii residents and residents of other states.

They will be starting by bringing in 50 applicants to the island of O'ahu. Applicants will get free airfare, plus once on the island they will get promotional benefits and discounts on services and lodging. If chosen, you won't be paid. This is meant to bring in people who are able to work remotely for their jobs. They will also be required to volunteer some of their time and talents to the community on the island.

The idea sounds extremely appealing to me. We've been to O'ahu a few times and we love the beach. Technically I've been working remotely since the pandemic began so it would be a possibility. Except for one issue: If I lived near a beach I would never get any work done. If you have better self control and the ability to work from anywhere, you can apply at the program website.

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