I have mixed feelings about something I just heard about. We all know there is a pandemic going on right now and therefore leaving your house to go anywhere comes with risks. You may have your own personal feelings about how high those risks are depending on your belief in the severity of the pandemic vs scientific information being fed to us. I won't tell you what to do or believe, but even without a pandemic there are always risks when you leave your house. My son started driving this year, so that's one of those dangers to look out for.

But the thing I just heard about is that some people are requiring guests sign a waiver to attend their holiday parties. So, say Karen is holding a party and doesn't want anyone to sue her if they get sick at the party, she makes all guests sign a consent form before they can attend. If Ken wants to party but isn't willing to sign the waiver he isn't allowed in.

Here's where I get a bit confused: if you are willing to go out and party during a known pandemic with all the risks associated with that, why would you be unwilling to sign a paper? You already know you may be making a bad decision, but you just aren't willing to admit it on a paper? Also, what kind of host throws a party knowing that they could be killing/sickening their friends and still forces them to sign a waiver that they can't get mad at the host if something bad happens.

Actually, maybe this should be how we live our lives in all aspects from now on. You want to shop at the grocery store - better sign a waiver so you don't slip in the ice cream aisle and sue the store. Going to church and the kid behind you sneezes on your neck - better sign a waiver so you don't sue the church. At the bar and someone starts a fight - better have everyone sign a waiver first. Honestly, this might be a great thing for society since there are so many frivolous lawsuits in the news. Corporations could now just say 'Well, you signed the waiver. So, not our fault.'

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What do you think about all of that? Should hosts have guests sign a COVID waiver before getting in to a party?

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