This year has been like the horrible Christmas present you get from your crazy aunt Gladys that she refers to as 'The gift that keeps on giving'. Obviously a lot of this year has been focused on the pandemic, but every time we start to get comfortable or feel some semblance of normalcy, 2020 does something to turn the day upside down. Between the earthquakes, murder hornets, devastating celebrity deaths, the general fear of COVID-19, and of course the recent presidential debate there has been a lot of weird and scary stuff going on. Now, you can add a freaky full blue moon to the calendar of 'nope' events.

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This year has already treated us to some cool full moons including the Strawberry moon in June and the Supermoon in April. Normally a full moon is something we think of with some sort of awe, but when it falls on Halloween it becomes more of an 'aw crap'. The full moon this Halloween isn't a regular full moon either since it will be the second full moon of October, making it a Blue moon. It will be a special Blue moon since we haven't had a full Blue moon on October 31st since 1944 according to an in depth article by the Jerusalem Post.

We already know what Halloween will look like in Twin Falls this year, but if you are superstitious the added full moon on the creepy holiday may not be a good omen.

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